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F-15 fighter lands with one wing

In 1983 an Israeli air force pilot Zin Nadivi experienced his worst nightmare when the training exercise went horribly wrong and his F-15 smashed into a Shyhawk fighter.

During the collision the F-15 fighter lost one of its wings. Due to the intense fumes the pilot and his navigator Yehuar had no idea that they were flying with only one wing. This is why they chose not to abandon the jet and proceeded with a crash landing. Only when the aircraft was landed and Ziv Nadivi leaned back towards his navigator for a congratulatory handshake, he realized that the aircraft wing on the right hand side was missing.

Here is a short video about this potentially tragic incident with a happy ending. It is unbelievable how the F-15 eagle fighter managed to land whilst being so severely damaged. The fact that this aircraft is on the list of top 10 best fighters of the world is no coincidence after all.