Brussels Airport will resume normal operations in the departures hall on June 2, 2016 - a mere two and a half months after the terror attacks. The 21 airlines, that still have their check-in desks in the temporary constructions, will be returning to the terminal. 

A new flight schedule was adopted which allowed for the maximum number of departing flights per hour to be increased from 22 to 28 flights. To meet the summer rush in the coming weeks, Brussels Airport expects to further raise its capacity to 44 flights per hour. The majority of the passengers will be able to get from the entrance to the airport to their gate in under 60 minutes, which is just as fast as before the attacks.

At the end of last week, the Diamond building which accommodates the elevators and escalators, partly reopened allowing passengers to directly proceed to the bus station from the departures or arrivals hall. Transfer passengers who pass through the terminal, can use the escalators between the arrivals and departures level.