As part of commitment to sustainable development, Air France has set up an innovative and original uniform recycling operation making them raw materials for cement.

A company-wide collection of used work clothes and uniforms was set up with Air France ground staff and crew members at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly between January and March 2016. Once collected, the clothes were taken to a recycling plant to be processed and used as raw materials to become cement granules.

Recycling uniforms and work clothes in figures

  • 17,650 cabin crew and 8,500 ground staff wear Air France uniform. 8,600 staff wear work clothes.
  • 8.56 tons of clothing were collected, recycled and transformed.
  • 48,509 kWh were generated, the equivalent of a year of heating for three homes of three people: part of the clothing collected was converted into pellets, solid granules with a high calorific value. These pellets, heated to 1,400-2,000°C, are transformed into ash and calorific energy to power the cement plant.
  • 1.28 tons of cement was made from the ash resulting from the combustion of pellets.