Moscow region authorities have approved Northern Terminal Complex development project. New Terminal B with extended infrastructure will be built in place of the old terminal building by 2018. There will be a multi-level parking, subterranean passenger and cargo tunnels connecting Southern and Northern Terminal Complexes. 

Sheremetyevo International Airport CEO Mikhail Vasilenko highlighted: “New infrastructure objects and the tunnels will help us create an integrated and whole technologically advanced air-terminal one-roof complex with five main passenger terminals (B, C, D, E, F) with 500 thousand sq. m. of total space and an annual passenger flow of 58 million.”

On the Northern Terminal Complex territory, which is currently being developed, there is an operating fully functional Terminal C built in 2007. Nearby is the now dismantled Terminal B built in 1964. The new Terminal B with 114 thousand sq. m. of total space will be built in it’s place. It will be used for domestic flights with the estimated annual passenger flow of 20 million. 

In order to connect Northern and Southern Terminal Complexes the subterranean transportation system with two tunnels (passenger and cargo) will be constructed. The construction will take place right under the operating runway strips. The annual transportation capacity of the system is expected to be 11 million passengers and 5.9 million units of luggage. 

All these major infrastructure development projects will be fully implemented by World Football Championship 2018, which will take place in Russia.