Frankfurt Airport has announced plans to invest €100 million for creating a forest-like recreation area, upgrading its playgrounds and yoga rooms in order to attain a five-star rating by Skytrax. The renovation plans have been supported bu Hindu communities. 

Frankfurt Airport already has two “professionally equipped” yoga rooms, located in passenger terminals one and two, open around the clock and are free of charge. Airport authorities claim that all of the required equipment is available in these: yoga mats, blocks, cushions, pads, floor-to-ceiling mirror, monitor screens explaining exercises to music and flyers with how-to-do instructions. The lighting is subdued and there is a wall-sized Buddha. 

Brussels Airport, despite its “Customer-focus” strategy, seems to have rejected the Hindus’ request of a designated “Hindu Prayer Room”.

Calling adding yoga rooms in upgrades plan “a step in the positive direction” for Frankfurt Airport, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, urged all top world airports to provide yoga facilities for the passengers if they wanted to help reduce their stress levels and be “world-class” airports. He also said that yoga, although introduced and nourished by Hinduism, was a world heritage and liberation powerhouse to be utilized by all.