In the first ever poll of their views of airport expansion, and as the UK prepares for Brexit, 74% of Tory Party members now support a third runway at Heathrow. Expanding Heathrow is now a choice for the next Conservative Party leader and the views of the party membership will influence the airport expansion debate.   

YouGov polled 1,001 Conservative Party members across the UK. The result show that Heathrow expansion is overwhelmingly popular with both Remain and Leave voters and can play a role in unifying the party membership behind a ready to go infrastructure project. 

Following Brexit 76% of party members under the age of fifty and  74% of all party members that voted Remain want Heathrow to expand for Britain’s future outside of the EU. These exclusive polling results show that in every region of the UK, the Conservative grass roots overwhelmingly want the next Prime Minster to get behind a ready to go infrastructure project and support Heathrow expansion ‘in the national interest’. 

Responding to the polling results, Heathrow’s CEOJohn Holland Kaye said: “This poll shows the Tory grassroots see expanded Heathrow as a keystone policy to give the whole of the UK the infrastructure and opportunities to compete outside of the EU. The next Conservative Prime Minster will have a mandate from the party membership to make the right choice for jobs and security, in the national interest and expand Heathrow.”