A 16-year-old teenager from Plymouth, United Kingdom, has been sentenced for sending bomb hoaxes via Twitter to American Airlines and Delta, as well as carrying out cyber attacks around the world.

On February 13, 2015, a boy who could not be named for legal reasons, tweeted to American Airlines: "One of those lovely Boeing airplanes has a tick, tick, ticking in it. Hurry gentlemen, the clock is ticking."  

"There's a nice tick, tick in one of those lovely Boeing planes, high quality," his other tweet the same day to Delta read.

Even though the teenager claimed he did not understand the seriousness of his actions, the judge said, they were sophistically planned and he was perfectly aware what he was doing.

District judge said she planned on giving a 12-month detention but instead handed the teenager a two-year rehabilitation order, along with 120 hours reparation projects for the youth.