SR Technics has announced the successful completion of cabin modifications for Switzerland-based Edelweiss’ Airbus A320 fleet of six aircraft.

The cabin modifications involved reconfiguring the aircraft cabin layout and replacing seats, galleys and lavatories. The new layout allowed an additional seat row to be added to each plane, thus increasing Edelweiss’ per-flight capacity. In conjunction with the cabin modifications, the carrier also asked SR Technics to add a wireless Panasonic In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system to all of the A320s in order to enhance passengers’ in-flight experience.

"Together with Edelweiss, we designed a cabin which is optimized for leisure flights with additional seat capacity and upgraded in-flight experience. Our engineering and maintenance teams worked in parallel to ensure the each aircraft was delivered on time,” says Michael Sattler, Head of Aircraft Services at SR Technics.

SR Technics announced the successful delivery of the cabin modification project of 12 wide-body aircraft for its partner Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

“We would like to thank SR Technics and the whole crew that worked on this project. They were essential to keeping downtimes to a minimum and getting the planes back into the air as scheduled,” explains Lorenz Thöni, Chief Technical Officer from Edelweiss. “This proves that we selected the right MRO for the project.”

Since several of the aircraft were due for heavy maintenance visits, SR Technics coordinated the work to coincide with these inspections in order to keep ground time to a minimum. The work on all six planes was done at SR Technics’ Center of Excellence in Zurich, and delivered on schedule.