Singapore-based Jetstar Asia announced it has successfully completed International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Enhanced Operational Safety Audit (E-IOSA) and has been renewed on the IOSA Safety Audit Registry – a registry that the Singapore-based airline has been on since 2012.

Jetstar Asia CEO Barathan Pasupathi emphasised the airline’s continuing commitment to safety. “Safety is our number one priority. We are pleased to share that Jetstar Asia has for the first time cleared the enhanced operational safety audit carried out by IATA and has renewed its IOSA registration till 2018.

The Enhanced IOSA Standard is an expansion of the IOSA programme since September 2015 and focuses on the continuous quality assurance of operational procedures and processes while encompassing all IOSA disciples.

To achieve E-IOSA certifications, the airline has to go through regular internal assessments and prepare a conformance report. Qualified auditors and a standardized audit procedure are part of the pre-requisites.

To achieve IOSA registration, Jetstar Asia has in place, a cohesive and integrated corporate safety and quality management systemto constantly monitor, review and address safety issues.

The airline also practices what is known as an ‘Open Reporting System’, where employees are encouraged to report any safety concerns proactively. Such a practice helps in capturing latent conditions and carrying out safety risk assessments. These are then followed by recommended preventive and corrective actions.