Iran announced reducing its order from Airbus by six aircraft while both parties are still expecting the US Treasury to license the export of the airplanes to Iran.

Previously, Iran signed a deal with Airbus for 118 aircraft, amounted $27 billion. However, this transaction awaits the US Treasury’s export license due to Airbus jets having 10% US content.

An Iranian government official said that the order trim refers to the aircraft that were scheduled for delivery in 2016. Iran and Airbus will finalize the amended deal for 112 aircraft instead of 118.

Some sources said that the order will probably include 12 new superjumbo A380s, but Tehran has not yet decided on the firm order.

Iran is expecting the US Treasury to issue the licenses required to purchase around 200 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

At the same time, Iran’s order to Boeing might be reduced by one jet (108 aircraft instead of 109). Iran and Boeing previously agreed on the purchase of 80 aircraft and on the lease of additional 29 to Iran Air.

The deal with both aircraft producers now depends on whether the US Treasury issues the export license.