A WesJet flight from Toronto to Vancouver was grounded on September 17, 2016 because of several loose iguanas. A customs officer in Toronto noticed that a passenger carried 4 lizards in his suitcase, however, after the passenger was forced to leave the aircraft, the officer only found two.

The plane arrived in Toronto from Cuba earlier that day. Passengers disembarked and were making their way through the customs when one of them was stopped because an iguana was found in his checked luggage.

The man admitted to having brought four such “companions” with him. But after searching through his bag, he only found two. Other two lizards were presumed to have escaped inside the plane, which was supposed to fly to Vancouver.

WestJet spokesperson Lauren Stewart said that the lizards likely found their way out of the man’s luggage. The airline did not want to take any chances of the critters possibly chewing through any wiring.

The plane had to be fumigated to ensure the lizards were gone and the flight was delayed for around 50 minutes.