Bolivian authorities named local airline LaMia responsible for the crash that took the lives of 71 people, including most of Brazilian Chapecoense football team, in November. The pilot’s and the airline’s negligence towards fueling rules is what most probably led to the accident that happened on the 29th of November close to Medellin, Colombia.

On the 20th of December, Milton Claros, Bolivia’s Minister of Public Works and Services, concluded that both the airline and the pilot were at blame for the deadly crash. He also concluded that the accident was “isolated” and in no means indicative of the safety situation of the country’s civil aviation. New regulations were promised to be implemented soon.  

Gustavo Vargas, CEO of Bolivia’s LaMia airline, whose plane, carrying Brazilian football club Chapecoense, crashed on the 29th of November, has been detained by the authorities. Evidence about the crash happening due to insufficient fuel is named as the main reason for the arrest.

Alongside Vargas, several other employees have been arrested. A number of documents, needed to continue the investigation, has been confiscated from the office.