Peter Pilz, leader of Austrian Green Party and Heinz-Christian Strache from far-right Freedom Party (German: Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) agreed to form a commission to investigate the alleged Airbus fraud case, concerning the delivery of fighter jets, according to Reuters. Greens have announced that the FPÖ leader will hold a joint news conference with Peter Pilz to discuss the issue. Spokesmen of both parties have yet refused to provide any further details before the conference.

Austrian lawyers have already sued Airbus and Eurofighter for $2 billion order for interceptors.  Austrian Government accuses Airbus and Eurofighter of charging 10 % for offset deals without proper informing Austrian taxpayers. According to Austrian Ministry of Defense, overall damage amounts to $1 billion.

In turn, Airbus denies all allegations. Austria has complained at Airbus and Eurofighter over the issues with interceptors in 2003. A parliamentary enquiry held in 2007 has been terminated, much to amusement of the FPÖ leader. It is expected that the current lawsuit will be expanded involving courts in UK and US.

FPÖ and Greens, who together control 62 seats in the parliament, hope to set up a commission for inquiry to reveal the negotiation details between Austria and Airbus. In order to achieve this goal, a minimum support of 46 lower chambers members is necessary.