A woman in Sydney namely Kalisfena Egorova is suing China Eastern Airlines (CEA) for A$200,000 ($153,400) after a suitcase fell from the overhead compartment on a long-haul flight, news.com.au reported. Egorova claims that the incident has caused headaches and a permanent dent in her forehead.

Egorova was on CEA’s Australia-bound flight from Beijing via Nanjing in March 2016 when a passenger lost his grip on a heavy suitcase, then it fell down hitting her on the forehead. The Australian news portal noted that she was given ice by the cabin.

According to the airline, Egorova visited the doctor during the stopover accompanied by a CEA employee and the owner of the suitcase.

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Medical staff cleared her of any serious concerns, CEA told in a statement, and she was advised to stay in Nanjing for further medical treatment. However, Egorova decided to continue her journey to Sydney as she told that she wanted to go home and did not have any intention of staying in Nanjing.

According to her claim, she has also experienced post-concussive syndrome, body dysmorphic disorder, depression, panic attacks, loss of income, among other things.

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