The belt of sanctions against North Korea is becoming tighter as the pariah country flashes its military programs in front of the global community. Air Koryo, North Korea’s national carrier, was one of the firsts to face the aftermath, losing international routes to Thailand, Malaysia and Kuwait in 2016, according to Reuters.

Being in dire straits, Air Koryo seems to have found a solution to mitigate the negative effects by branching out. Apart from owning a chain and petrol stations and cab services, Air Koryo is now branding cigarettes and fizzy drinks. Not something you’d expect in a state-controlled economy!

The United States have already applied a ban on 16 aircraft and 10 offices of the carrier and are considering further restrictions – namely, to introduce a global ban on Air Koryo, yet other stakeholders might have a different stance. China is likely to stand aside after the recent agreement with the US; Russia, in turn, might keep a hardline position since Air Koryo aircraft are repaired and maintained on Russian soil.Overall, sanctions seem not to be a big concern to Northern Korean authorities, given the fact that Air Koryo is not relying much on its foreign revenues.