The US Department of Transportation has finished the investigation on the incident involving a United Airlines passengers forcibly removed from the aircraft in April 2017. The US authority body concluded that despite the fact that United breached some of the US Department of Transportation's oversales rules, the enforcement action will not be warranted, according to the letter addressed to passenger rights advocacy group Flyers Rights.

The DoT found evidence that United violated rules when the airline provided an incorrect denied boarding compensation (DBC) amount to one of five passengers bumped from the flight and also failed to provide the required written notice to the passenger who was injured during the incident and his wife. However, the DoT disregarded these breaches as ‘minor’ as the airline latter corrected the DBC amount.

Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation found no indications that the airline violated the injured passenger’s civil rights. “United did not subject any of the passengers on United Express Flight 3411 to unlawful discrimination”, the latter states. “There was no evidence that United discriminated against any of the passengers who were involuntarily denied boarding on Flight 3411 based on their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or ancestry”.

Despite the infamous “bloodying and dragging a passenger off overbooked flight” and numerous smaller-scale scandals, the shares of United Continental Holdings have reached their all-time high, according to Chicago Business Journal. 

The DoT did not look into the actions by airport security guards as they are overseen by different authority body.

The disturbing video footage showing a man screaming as security officers are forcefully pulling him out from his seat and dragging him out of the cabin was captured by United Airlines passengers on April 9, 2017 and instantly vent viral. The incident, which happened on United’s flight number 3411 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, has made United the synonym word for ‘bad treatment of passengers’ and harsh criticism – and mocking - target, but did not affect the airline’s financial performance in the upcoming months.