Boeing announced formally booking an order for two 747s with the US Air Force. The jumbo jets are to be turned into Air Force One – the US President’s aircraft, Reuters reports.

Boeing sells unrefurbished 747s for about $390 million apiece, but the planes then require significant modification in order to be turned to Air Force One. Although the time constraints on when the planes are going to be delivered or ready for use are unknown, there have been reports back in September 2017 that the aircraft is required to be ready for use in 2024, as Reuters also pointed out.

On August 1, 2017 the US Air Force announced that it is negotiating the purchase of two Boeing 747s that were abandoned by a bankrupt Russian airline with the goal of converting them into the next Air Force One. The planes had initially been ordered in 2013 by Russian airline Transaero, but the firm fell into bankruptcy in 2015 and never took delivery.

Converting such jumbo jets to luxury command centers for the president by 2022 would have cost at least $3.2 billion, however, the option was seen as the “cheaper deal” which could have saved the Air Force “millions of dollars”. It was initiated after President Donald Trump described the estimated cost of building new, specially designed Air Force One planes as "ridiculous."