The Airbus A380 aircraft might be so unpopular that it just got another chance to survive. Irish leasing firm Amedeo, unable to find new customers for its current fleet of eight A380s and another 20 on order, announced launching its own airline, which will operate the aircraft providing airline-for-hire service.

According to media reports, the new all-A380 airline is planning to provide wet lease arrangements, supplying the aircraft, cabin crew and pilots to other businesses that would act as air travel brokers, for instance, Airbnb. Amedeo’s CEO Mark Lapidus confirmed the plans to apply for air operator’s certificate in 2018, according to The Financial Times.

The new airline might mean a second chance for A380 ─ a model Amedeo isn’t the only one struggling to sell/lease. During this year’s Dubai Airshow, even the legendary Airbus salesman John Leahy couldn’t seal the deal with the biggest A380 operator in the world ─ Emirates.

The Airbus-Emirates A380 deal announcement was highly anticipated before Dubai 2017 until Emirates called off the announcement at the last minute. The true reasons behind this decision are unknown, but one of the likely versions say that Airbus was simply not able to provide the guarantees the Gulf carrier desired ─ that the model will be produced for the upcoming decade.