On February 26, 2018, UK regional airline FlyBe’s flight from Edinburgh to London City airport had to be diverted to Manchester Airport and performed an emergency landing. The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 carrying 63 passengers is thought to have suffered a technical issue after crossing the Scotland border.

A spokesperson for FlyBe told Aviationwales that “the captain of the above flight took the necessary action following a suspected technical fault with the aircraft and elected to divert to Manchester Airport as a precautionary measure. The aircraft landed safely without further incident and, as is normal in such circumstances, was met by the airport’s emergency vehicles. Once on stand, all 63 passengers disembarked as normal”. So far there are no reports on what the suspected technical issue was.

LOT, Polish carrier, made an emergency landing at Warsaw Chopin airport on January 10, 2017. After wheel collapsing of Q400 turboprop, the aircraft landed on its belly. The 63 people onboard avoided injuries.

Just a week ago, on February 22, 2018, Croatia Airlines flight OU4456 emergency landed at Brussels Airport. On approach to the runway, one of the wheels of Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, carrying 58 passengers at the time, did not properly lock.  The pilots managed to land the aircraft safely by entering a holding pattern and, in accordance with operating procedures, using an alternative pull-out procedure for the landing gear, a spokesperson for the airline told Aviation24.

Dnevnik reported that no passengers were injured during the incident and quoted a Croatia Airlines spokesperson, who also said that none of the people on board were under any threat during the incident. The plane was not able to taxi to its parking position and the subsequent return flight to Zagreb was cancelled.

On 10 of January Polish national carrier LOT flight LO 3924 crash-landed at Warsaw’s Chopin airport when Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 nose gear did not lock. It was the ninth similar happening with the same type of aircraft. In 2008, Canadian aircraft manufacturer managed to quench similar scandal by agreeing to pay out $164 million settlement with SAS Airlines. Maybe this is the reason why over 1000 planes, flying all around the world, were not scrapped. According to aviation experts, the malfunction of Dash Q series aircraft might be a design flaw and it cannot be fixed.