Ethiopian Airlines, the largest carrier in the African continent, signed a memorandum of understanding with Chad to help the country set up a national carrier five years after the last one ceased to exist.

Memorandum was signed on February 13, 2018, between Chadian delegation, led by Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Chad Colonel Mahamat Adjam and the President, and Tewolde GebreMariam, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines.

Chad had a national carrier - the Toumaï Air Tchad - up until 2012. However, the Chadian authorities suspended it after the international aviation body IATA revealed serious safety problems the carrier had.

Ethiopian flag carrier already has codesharing agreements with Asky Airlines in Togo and Air Malawi in Malawi. Additionally, Ethiopian Airlines are in talks about founding regional division in Zambia and is planning to become a part of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s national operator Congo Airways. The moves would further insure Ethiopian‘s domination in the African continent.

Back in July, 2017, Meseret Bitew, the acting CFO of Ethiopian told African News that the airline is committed to serve Africa. „Mobility and air connectivity being the economic engine of growth and development, we shall continue to play vital roles in connecting African countries with their major trading partners around the world and realize an economically liberal Africa,“ Bitew stressed.

Currently of 80% Africa‘s market is served by non-African carriers, according to Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, however air travel demand is rapidly increasing. OZY reports that air traffic in the continent will grow by an annual average of 5.1 percent in the next 18 years.