On February 28, 2018, Dutch airline KLM had to cancel 34 flights due to a power failure at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.  The power outage, which began at about 2p.m., caused disruptions for the airline’s operational systems based on the ground resulting in several delays and cancelations.

An official statement by the airline said that aircraft that departed prior the outage were not affected. KLM was the only airline experiencing power failures at the airport and some services were slowly being relaunched by 3:15 according to official Schiphol Twitter.

Flight Aware data showed that 51% of departures at the airport were delayed that day. At the time, the cause of the power failure remains unclear.

Airports across Europe were already facing difficulties because of the extreme weather conditions. Amsterdam has been facing snow showers, strong winds and a biting cold as low as -8C at times.

Independent reports that Britain’s airports also experienced major disruptions on Wednesday. Dozens of flights were diverted or cancelled because of freezing temperatures. London City, Leeds and Dublin airports were affected the most, leaving thousands of passengers stranded, newspaper reports.

KLM spokeswoman was unable to say if the weather conditions were the cause of the power failure, Reuters report.