The black boxes of the crashed ATR 72 have been recovered. On February 18, 2018, an aircraft of the Iranian company Aseman Airlines crashed into the Dena Mountain, south-west of Iran. That plane was on its way from Tehran to the city of Yasuj. The 66 passengers died.

The public relations director of Iran’s civil aviation has announced: “The box that recorded flight parameters and the one with conversations in the cockpit have been handed over to judicial authorities.” The flight data will now be analyzed to determine the causes of the accident, which could have been the heavy snowstorm happening at the time of the flight. The crashed plane had been in service since 1993.

Bad weather conditions (mostly snow) had suspended the recovery operations for a week. The crash site is situated in a rocky area at about 4.000 meters of altitude. The two black boxes have been found by the rescue team shortly after they resumed their work. The rescuers are now focusing on recovering the bodies, of which 51 samples of human tissue have already been tested for identification.