The Spice 1000 (Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective) developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has been declared fit for operational use, Janes reports. This kit allows converting an unguided 450 kilos bomb into a both satellite and optical guided one, turning it into a highly precise munition.

After thorough examination of the data collected during tests made in August 2017, the IAF Headquarters’ Munitions Department had incorporated the ordnance into the 190th and 110th Fighter Squadrons – flying F-16Cs and F-16Ds – for live testing. Now that it has been declared operational, it should be fitted onto the F15I and F16I of the Israel Air Force.

The two guidance methods offered by this munition allows for adaptability during engagement. While the bomb can self-operate itself using GPS coordinate previously entered into the bomb memory, it can also be manually guided by a Weapon System Officer using the camera feed of the Spice kit. This is called a ”man-in-the-loop” method and is one of the most precise guidance currently existing.