Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air revealed plans to start recruiting female pilots for the first time in history of the country. The announcement was made by Iran Air’s CEO Farzaneh Sharafbafi – the first woman to hold that position at the airline, Stars and Stripes report.

According to Tehran Times, the five top managers of Iran Air are women. Currently 16% of women working for the company are among the middle-ranking officials.

Once a year, the airline announces its job openings and this year's main feature in the announcement let women know that they are welcome to apply to be pilots.

In Iran, women are permitted to pilot aircraft; however they have never been allowed to fly the flag carrier’s planes.

Sharafbafi, who was also the first woman to acquire a PhD in aerospace engineering, said that the first women pilots hired by Iran Air will begin as co-pilots.

Iran Air, headquartered in Teheran, flies to 25 domestic destinations and dozens of other cities in Asia and Europe.