Azul (AZUL) plans to expand its network by up to 35 new cities in the coming years in various regions of Brazil, as well as to select international destinations, such as Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, with ATR72-600 on most routes.

In a press release on March 26, 2018, the Brazilian low-cost carrier stated that its vision for the new service is to stimulate local economy.

The planned destinations do not have commercial flights which is why Azul (AZUL) prides itself as "the only airline in the country that focuses on the development of the aviation market in all regions of Brazil, taking air service to places where it does not exist", according to Abhi Shah, the airline's Chief Revenue Officer.

On March 24, 2018, the company announced its newest destinations: Rosario and Cordoba, both in Argentina. The list of potential new cities includes Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. Also, various cities in Brazil: Caruaru, Mossoró, Serra Talhada, Guarapuava, Umuarama, Pato Branco, among others.

The company’s guidance for 2018 already contemplates the addition of eight to 10 new destinations, representing less than 5 percent of the capacity growth expected for this year.

The vast majority of the routes will be served with ATR 72-600 aircraft, which has the capacity of up to 70 passengers and is well suited for short-haul flights, the airline states, despite the recent sale of 10 of that particular aircraft to Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC).

"By having a differentiated fleet, we are able to deploy the right aircraft in the right market. We are working closely with local officials in these areas to achieve the conditions necessary for us to operate", Shah concluded.

On October 11,2017, Azul Brazilian Airlines has announced the sale of ten ATR 72-600 aircraft to Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC). 

The carrier has one of the largest domestic networks of any airline in South America and is the single largest airline in Brazil by number of cities served, offering up to 800 services to more than 100 destinations at home and abroad.

Azul’s (AZUL) fleet currently comprises of Airbus A320neos and A330-200s, as well as Embraer E-190, E-195 jets, and ATR 72-600s.