The Trent 1000 engine developed by Rolls Royce and powering the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been affected by recurring problems for months. Now, the British engine maker is admitting the seriousness of the problem by announcing it would “carry out additional engine inspections to those previously planned”.

The problems affecting the Trent 1000 engines are not fixed. Corroding compressor blades, engine stopping mid-air… the companies flying B787s have reported multiple problems with their Trent 1000 throughout 2017.

On March 27, 2018, Rolls Royce already announced that it would allocate $484 million to fix the early corrosion on the blades. But it seems that it is now a compressor problem on the 380 Trent 1000 Package Cs currently in-service will force airlines to ground their 787 while waiting for parts and repairs.

On March 23, 2018, Rolls Royce denied that its Trent 7000 engines, equipping the Airbus A330neo, were affected by the same problems as the Trent 1000. A defect in blades of the earlier version has already grounded several Boeing 787s.


“We sincerely regret the disruption this will cause to our customers and our team of technical experts and service engineers is working around the clock to ensure we return them to full service as soon as possible,” declares Rolls Royce CEO Warren East. “We will be working closely with Boeing and affected airlines to minimise disruption wherever possible.”

According to Boeing, about 25% of the Dreamliners are powered by the faulty engines.