The upcoming Pilot Career Show is inviting pilots and cadets to meet leading airlines and pilot schools to get career advice, share experiences and ultimately land a dream job. Not sure what this might be? AeroTime talked with TUI, the largest leisure, tourism and travel provider to find out – what does it mean to be a pilot at the company.

What are the main values guiding TUI fly work ethic?

TUI stands for ‘Trusted, Unique and Inspiring’, 3 words that fully represent the values of the company for customers as well as for staff. Unique people, inspiring personalities are what TUI aims in order to create a widely appreciated company. Staff can trust TUI like TUI trusts staff and both make it possible for the customer to trust TUI.  Our zero tolerance in terms of safety are definitely our biggest goal to gain that trust.

What are the main benefits of working at TUI fly?

 At TUI fly, pilots have the advantage to work close to their home, which allows a perfect balance between work and private life. TUI fly is a Belgium/Netherlands organization, which makes us stronger and gives us an excellent reputation in both markets.  At the same time, they fly with the most modern fleet in Belgium, as TUI fly invests continually in new aircraft of the latest generation, like Dreamliner and Max. Our organization also offers good future perspectives and trainings are on a constant basis. Not to forget the TUI fly Academy, which allows less wealthy students to become a pilot at a far lower cost than normally practised + the possibility to get to know all aspects of the airline, as they have a half time office job during their training.

 What is the attitude you expect from your employees?

TUI wants its employees to have the same values as the company itself, as explained in the first answer. We believe that well trained, energetic, enthusiastic people and their natural smile are the basics or a successful company dealing with service towards customers.

Interested at career at TUI? Meet them at the Pilot Career Show in Amsterdam on May 10th, 2018. Aiming to provide current and aspiring aviators with the opportunity to meet their peers, share career advice, experiences and to learn the dos and don’ts of building a career in aviation, the event is expecting over 300 attendees and 12 hiring aviation companies. For more information and entrance pass please visit .