Rolls Royce is considering relocating the technical department in charge of approving its engines in Germany, to make sure it remains within the legislation of the EASA. The company fears that a hard Brexit may jeopardize the manufacturer’s influence within the European agency.

The British government  announced in March 2018, that it would try to acquire the same statue as Switzerland, Iceland and Norway currently holds among the EASA. But Rolls Royce, along with the British aerospace trade union ADS,  voiced its desire of remaining a full member of the agency.

In order to remain a deciding member of the EASA and ensure its products would be approved for the European market, Rolls Royce considers transferring its technical bureau in charge of approving its engines from Derby, United Kingdom to its Dahlewitz facility in Germany. “It’s a theoretical but real risk that either a deal or EASA membership will not happen,” said a source from Rolls Royce to Express. However, no final decision is made yet. The group reassured its employees that a relocation would not affect any jobs.