An F-16C fighter of the United States Air Force crashed on April 25, 2018, at Lake Havasu City airport (HII), a small civilian airport 216 km from Luke Air Force Base (LUF) where it is deployed. The pilot managed to eject and is unharmed.

According to an audio record provided by the first responders, two F-16C were on a training mission when one of them had a flameout. It was diverted to Havasu City airport. However, the runway was not equipped with a barrier to help the plane stop, and it skidded off runway.

On the pictures shared on social media by witnesses, the whole cockpit of the plane seems to be missing, and the nozzle is heavily damaged.



The pilot was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center from which he was quickly released, according to a press release from Luke Air Force Base.

April 2018 will be remembered as a dark month for the Pentagon, with seven soldiers dead during similar crashes.