The customs of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) found nine kilograms of gold worth $400.000 under a seat of a Jet Airways flight from Dubai, UAE to Mumbai, India. That gold was seized as it is suspected to be part of a smuggling operation.

It was during a routine inspection that the Air Intelligence Unit of Mumbai found the precious stash. “The gold bars and cut pieces were hidden under the cushion of two seats used by passengers inside the plane”, revealed a customs official. Six gold bars of over one kilogram each were found, bearing foreign markings.

The plane was on a domestic flight and the impressive treasure was probably to be recovered by accomplices after it reached its final destination. That is, of course, if the customs had not found it first.

The gold is now being detained by the customs, and Jet Airways provided the authorities with a list of the passengers and crew members of the flight. They should be questioned in the coming weeks.

Earlier in 2018, a flight attendant from Jet Airways was found carrying $500,000 in cash on a flight to Hong Kong.