The upcoming Pilot Career Show is inviting pilots and cadets to meet leading airlines and pilot schools to get career advice, share experiences and ultimately land a dream job. Not sure what this might be? Avion Express, the largest narrow-body ACMI operator in the world, reveals what it is like to be a pilot with them.

What are the main values guiding the company‘s work ethic?

Over more than 10 years of operating, Avion Express has established an excellent track record and never compromises on quality and safety. When it comes to company culture, Avion Express stands on four pillars: professionalism, flexibility, teamwork, and positivity. These are also the qualities that the company looks for when employing staff. As the largest narrow-body ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) operator in the world, the company steps in when a regular or charter airline needs additional fleet and crew to operate on behalf of it, so it’s natural that Avion Express employees need to be reliable and flexible.

What is the attitude you expect from your employees?

Avion Express values its employees as the company knows it wouldn’t be where it is now without its team. Besides possessing the qualities that reflect the company culture, Avion Express employees are open-minded and open-hearted people who are always ready to walk an extra mile for the company and its clients.

No one could describe their experience better than Avion Express pilots themselves. Mitko Dimitrov, an Avion Express Captain with over 6083 BH on A320, shares his experience: “I am an instructor and examiner, so the most important things for me are professionalism and safety. But first of all, as a pilot, I appreciate the ease! Avion Express gives me these things not only in the air, but in every aspect of my work. On top of that, the company has a great team. There are no random employees in Avion Express. Everyone feels that “thing” which makes us a community of people who are doing their job with passion”.

In three words, how would you describe the work environment at Avion Express?

When it comes to company culture, being an Avion Express pilot doesn’t only mean being professional, reliable, and flexible. It means being a very valuable and respected part of the team that is passionate about their job.

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