The upcoming Pilot Career Show is inviting pilots and cadets to meet leading airlines and pilot schools to get career advice, share experiences and ultimately land a dream job. Not sure what this might be? Small Planet Airlines, Lithuanian leisure airline, reveals what it is like to be a pilot with them.

What are the main values guiding Small Planet Airlines work ethic?

At Small Planet Airlines, we say we are not like other airline companies – we have a distinct culture guided by values that we created from the image of who we want to be as a business. Those values are explained through respective behaviours that we expect from our colleagues – the behaviours that we hire, reward and promote for. 

  • Brave Explores (we are always hungry for the new, we dare to be different and we make it happen)
  • Sane Operators (we are sane operators, we save proudly, and we choose the right pace)
  • Fun lovin’ team players (we win and lose together, we respect the individual, remember the three sides of talk, and we believe that a bit of fun doesn’t harm anyone)
  • Self – movers (we act without being told what to do and we stick to discipline)

What are the main benefits of working at your company?

There are plenty! First of all, you get to work with a team of aviation enthusiasts – a crowd of young, ambitious, energetic and highly professional people. Secondly, we offer a variety of financial and nonfinancial benefits, such as free jump seats policy for all company employees as well as medical, travel, loss of licence insurance and many other benefits for pilots exclusively.

What is the attitude you expect from your employees?

We expect our employees will follow and adhere to our main values and the mission of our company (which is to recharge people by connecting them to holidays in an exciting way). We also expect them to be positive personalities, career driven, professional, organized, able to cope with stress and empathetic

Talking about pilots, flight safety is a priority for the airline, so we are looking for people who are first of all skilled in their profession. We need to trust our employees, therefore only those applicants who are motivated to work and learn, are attentive to details and able to cope with various situations properly are invited to the second stage of the assessment. The top attributes we expect from pilots are problem solving, situational awareness, teamwork, leadership, prioritization, communication, planning, flexibility, reliability, empathy, being customer-minded, motivated and passionate.

In three words, how would you describe the work environment at Small Planet Airlines?


Interested at career at Small Planet Airlines? Meet them at the Pilot Career Show in Amsterdam on May 10th, 2018. Aiming to provide current and aspiring aviators with the opportunity to meet their peers, share career advice, experiences and to learn the dos and don’ts of building a career in aviation, the event is expecting over 300 attendees and 12 hiring aviation companies. For more information and entrance pass please visit .