Five routes between Argentina and the contested Falklands Islands (Islas Malvinas in Spanish) are currently being studied by the Argentinian and British authorities, the Foreign Minister of Argentina Jorge Faurie announced on May 22, 2018, during a visit of his British homologue Boris Johnson.

The two countries are looking into creating a regular flight originating from another South American country that would stop twice a month in an Argentinian airport before reaching the Falklands. They issued a tender to four other countries on February 16, 2018. Two Chilean carriers, two in Brazil and one in Uruguay have sent offers, according to Faurie, who did not name the operators. No Paraguayan company was mentioned.

For now, only three scheduled flights to the Falkland Islands exist. Two of them are air bridges operated from RAF Brize Norton airbase (BZZ) in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, by a military contractor, AirTanker. The third one is a weekly flight from Presidente Carlos Ibáñez International Airport (PUQ) in Puta Arenas, Chile operated by LATAM Airlines. It stops on the second Saturday of each month in Rio Gallegos International airport (RGL), Argentina. All flights land at RAF Mount Pleasant airbase (MPN) on the island of East Falkland.

The decision on the new routes is to be announced in the coming months. The flights are part of a détente policy operated by the two countries in the last years. In December 2016, an International Committee of the Red Cross was authorized to fly to the Falkland Islands to identify the bodies of the Argentinian soldiers who died during the Falklands War. In November 2017, an Airbus Voyager of the RAF landed in Argentina for the first time since the conflict to help in searching for the missing Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan.