Speaking to the media at IATA 74th AGM Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker confirmed its company is well aware of the delays of  Airbus A321neo family aircraft, but said he is “fine” with it, as the new model planes won't be needed for the carrier until 2020.

When asked if the is some progress made on A321neos deliveries, Al Baker said: “Progress is in a sense that we are looking now at the engine option, we are talking with both engine manufacturers”. And as for delays, some other A320neo family (which includes A321neo and A321LR) customers are currently struggling with? “Yes, we know that there are delays, but I don’t need those airplanes for another two years, so I’m fine,” Al Baker responded.

Qatar Airways has an order of 50 Airbus A320neos awaiting delivery. Placed back in 2011 as an order for 50 A320neos, the contract was renegotiated and upgraded to 50 A321neos in December 2017. In May 2017 Al Baker confirmed that at least some of the planes are going to be of a new Long Range (Airbus A321LR) variant.

Airbus is delaying A320neo family aircraft deliveries due to problems affecting both of the aircraft engine providers CFM International (which produces LEAP-1A engine) and Pratt & Whitney (PW1100G engine maker).