Russian aircraft manufacturer Ilyushin Aviation Complex (Ilyushin) is working on advanced development of Il-276 - medium tactical transport aircraft system - which is afoot to replace the outmoded An-12 models, according to the company.

On June 3, 2018, Ilyushin general director’s deputy Pavel Cherenkov affirmed that the model had already been tested on purging systems in the cruise flight mode. "During the tests, aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft were obtained, and that confirmed the correctness of the chosen wing scheme," - Cherenkov told the local Interfax media.

Il-276 will supposedly carry freight transport up to 20 tons on the distance of 2000 km at an average speed of 800 km/h. The aircraft capabilities should also allow operations in difficult climatic and weather conditions.

The primary goal of the programme is to build transport aircraft to meet all the requirements of military order, according to Lenta news. The final aircraft configuration - whether it is a tanker, communications station or air military hospital, will eventually depend on the clientele.

This is reportedly the first case in military transport aviation when the request for proposals is going to be prepared to meet the requirements of both Russian Ministry of Defence and ICAO at the same time. Such step is supposed to ease the procedure and shorten the terms of certifications alongside with aircraft induction to civil operations.

First Il-276 flights are planned for 2023, and mass production is assertedly to start in 2026.