The U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed sanctions on a Thailand-based company called My Aviation on September 14, 2018, because of its alleged links with Mahan Air, an Iranian airline already under American sanctions.

My Aviation was “acting for or on behalf of Mahan Air”, according to an official statement. The Thai company was acting as General Sales Agent (GSA) in Thailand for Mahan Air and regularly shipped cargo to Tehran, capital of Iran.

Mahan Air, with a fleet of 54 aircraft making it Iran’s largest airline, was previously accused by the U.S. authorities of “supporting Iran’s terrorism activities” by transporting troops and supplies to Bashar al-Assad regime. In 2011, it was flagged for providing support to the Quds Force, the Special Forces unit of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards that has been involved in the Syrian civil war.

All assets of My Aviation in the United States are now frozen, and U.S. citizens are forbidden from trading with the company.

Washington has intensified sanctions against people and companies linked to Iran following the decision of President Donald Trump to step out of the Iranian nuclear deal in May 2018.

Among other sectors, US sanctions that were reinstated in August 2018 have greatly impacted the aviation industry. A second wave of sanctions should be imposed by the end of the year.

The President of the United States Donald Trump announced on May 8, 2018 his intention to pull out from Iranian nuclear deal and to restore sanctions on Iran. The bans about to be enforced again concern the trade of oil, metal… and aviation. The decision will affect many companies of the aviation industry on both sides of the Atlantic, countering hundreds of aircraft sales - worth billions of dollars - to Iran.