A Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 of Russian airline Yakutia, registered RA-89011, was on its way from Baikal International Airport (UUD) to Yakutsk Airport (YKS), Russia, carrying out flight R3-414 on October 9, 2018, when, upon landing, it failed to stop before the end of the runway and collapsed. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.

As can be seen on the footage released by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the plane appears to ran over a bump, leading to the collapse of the main gear. The Superjet is left resting on engines, with nose gear still up.

At least one of Yakutsk Airport runways (05R) is currently undergoing renovation and extension.  A Temporary ramp was placed to mark the end of the tarmac portion still open to operations.

Five crew members and 87 passengers evacuated the aircraft using emergency slides. Four people received medical attention, including three months old baby, who was transported to the hospital for additional examination after luggage fell on him.

The incident might have been caused by a braking mistake, according to a source close to the investigation, quoted by Russian Aviation Insider. Early reports point at ice on the runway, and erroneous aircraft braking action declaration communicated to the crew prior to the flight.

With RA-89011 out of service, Yakutia now operates a fleet of four Sukhoi SSJ-100s.