On October 11, 2018, Virgin Australia flew a dedicated meditation flight (VA9002) from/to Sydney, Australia. An hour-long affair was dedicated to promote mindfulness living, as well as aid anxious travelers.

The flight, unsurprisingly, is “the world’s first dedicated meditation flight”, according to Virgin’s (VAH) press release, which also outlines the perks that passengers on the charter flight experienced. These include a hot towel service, hand massages “from the smoothfm angels”, and, of course, guided meditation at 30,000 feet. 

Image: Virgin Australia

The flight promotes Virgin Australia’s initiative to include meditations in the Inflight Entertainment System.

The company used the occasion to announce “a new way for anxious travelers to self-identify with the airline prior to travelling”. Starting early 2019, anxious to fly passengers will be able to “identify as having feelings of travel-related anxiety before they fly, leading to personalized communications in the lead up to their journey, and face-to-face interactions while onboard the aircraft”.