A Belgian F-16 fighter was damaged beyond repair on October 11, 2018, on Florennes Air Base (ICAO: EBFS) near Dinant, Belgium. The F-16, which was parked on the airbase apron, received shots… from another fighter! The incident injured one person.

The Belgian armed forces initially reported that one fighter was destroyed by a fire and a second one was damaged, without mentioning the cause of the incident.

But according to a representative of the Belgian union SLFP, an army ground worker who was carrying out maintenance on another F-16 triggered the plane’s M61A1 Vulcan cannon and shot two other aircraft that were parked nearby.

One of them caught fire and was completely destroyed; the other one was slightly damaged by the shots and the heat of the nearby fire. The two damaged F-16s were containing about 10,000 liters of fuel each, as they were about to take off

One or two ground workers who were close to the muzzle of the cannon received medical attention after suffering hearing loss.

Florennes Air Base houses the 2nd Tactical Wing of the Belgian Armed Forces, which is part of the NATO response force. From April 1989 to June 2009, it was also where the Tactical Leadership Program, the pilot school of NATO, was installed before it was moved to Los Llanos Air Base (ICAO: LEAB) in Spain.

On September 12, 2018, two Belgian F-16s scared passengers when they took part into an intercepting exercise over Brussels airport (BRU).