As of October 15, 2018, El Al Israel Airlines are offering three-class ticket options on flights to Europe. The news involves more than just El AL’s marketing strategy, as it also means the end of the Israeli airline’s low cost branch Up operations.

El Al announced plans to re-merge Up in January 2018, alongside the introduction of new fare structure that was  to replace Up’s offers. Although avoiding the topic of LCC re-merge, El Al explained new fare rates as being introduced to address “the competitive arena on routes to Europe […]”, according to a statement at the time.

Similarly, a statement on the carrier’s website clarifies that together with new airfares, El Al is re-merging Up back to El Al. “As part of the change in El Al's model of operations in Europe, the merging of brands and the transition to a family price model […] the company will gradually restore its business service to destinations that will operate up to 14.10.18 under the UP brand,” it reads.

Up was established in 2013 and launched operations in March 2014. The low cost carrier operated a fleet of four Boeing 737-800s on destinations in Europe.