It has only been a week since a man was killed by a plane taking off at Sheremetyevo airport, one of the largest in Moscow, when another emergency situation occurred at the exact same scenery. By a lucky chance, fatalities were avoided this time.

In the evening of November 29, 2018, Boeing airliner flying from Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) to Sochi international Airport (AER) was urged to abort the take-off after a man was noticed at a landing strip. The crew received a command to get back at turnaround.

The man was reportedly standing right in front of a plane, almost under the landing gear. "He turned out to be a worker of a road construction company that handles operations at the landing field, however, in violation of all the norms and safety requirements, he was found on the runway in front of a plane taking off without special clothing," the source told Interfax.

After detention, the man was immediately sent over to the transport police. “Transport prosecutor’s office is now inspecting the incident”, commented Ekaterina Korotkova, senior assistant of Moscow interregional transport prosecutor to Moscow News Agency.

Proper airport operations and safety in Sheremetyevo were questioned after the accident on October 20, 2018, when deported Armenian man stepped out into the runway and died being hit by the landing gear of a plane taking off. Retired Major of the Russian Space Forces, and civil aviation pilot Vitaly Sokolovsky commented on the case to NSN back then: “It’s an unequivocal fault of airport services, which allowed a person enter the forbidden zone”.

Investigation Committee opened a case on October 21, 2018, and Public Prosecution Office of the Russian Federation started airport inspections.

A deportee en route from Spain to Armenia died in Moscow after being hit by the landing gear of a plane taking off on November 20, 2018.