Next time traveling to Russia, don’t be surprised if you find yourself at Pushkin or Lomonosov airport in Moscow. Recent Russian project “Great names of Russia” called citizen to choose new names for international airports all across the country. Starting October 11, 2018, each region voted for the cultural figure, whose name would be later assigned to a certain airport.

Everyone could submit a candidate to the contest long-list, with the only remark - as said by the official contest statement, candidate figure must have historical connection with certain territory. The final results were announced on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 and will officially be confirmed and adopted within a month.

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo was given a name after writer and poet Alexander Pushkin, who was born in Moscow, while Domodedovo got second name in memory of a Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, the founder of Moscow University.  

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin (Orest Kiprensky, 1827); Portrait of Mikhail Lomonosov (Copy of L.S. Miropolsky from G.K. fon Prenner's original) 

“It’s symbolic, that based on the results of the open voting, Domodedovo airport will now hold a name of Mikhail Lomonosov”, Domodedovo press-service told AeroTime. “First of all, Domodedovo conducts educational projects in partnership with Moscow State University. Secondly, in development of airport business we always prefer scientific approach. It’s an honour, that Domodedovo will save the memory of the first Russian scientist for tens of millions Russian and international travelers”.

However, IATA codes of airports are not going to be changed, neither will official names. The new names are going to be an addition to the existing ones (let’s say, Sheremetyevo will be transformed into Sheremetyevo n.a. Pushkin). This is most likely to help passengers avoid confusion after all.