There’s only one airline that meets all of your expectations: SkySanta Airlines. It’s always on time, it doesn’t let winter weather get in the way of traffic and it doesn’t charge you for having dreams. The rest are… not as dreamy. However, we do care about what our clients think about air transportation. We posted polls week after week, for the entire autumn, to find out just what would the perfect airline be like.

Our poll was a truly international affair. We received input from readers in Bulgaria, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Spain, Latvia. The poll involved men and women aged from 18 to 65. Women from 55 to 64 were particularly active, brimming as they are with righteous anger the airlines.

In September, we asked the people a simple question: if they could change only one thing on their flight, would they choose more legroom or a comfortable reclining seat for sleeping? An overwhelming majority - 72% of respondents - chose the comfy seat. This was something people of all ages and sexes agree upon. I guess if the seat isn’t comfy, additional leg room wouldn’t help anyways.

Our next question that month was about the flight experience. Namely, would the people prefer to have a longer airport wait time if that ensured there would be no delays - or would they like if the flights were outright cancelled instead of being late? Four out of five would choose the former, securing timely flights via more waiting time. However, one in five - mostly older men - would prefer that flights be cancelled instead of making people wait. They’ve done enough waiting in their time!

Another question we posed was about preferences in seating: would you like a wider, more comfortable seat, or a bigger window for those scenic sights? Most of you - that’s 66% - wanted a bigger seat, which is a dream that airlines are bound to shatter as they try to make the seats smaller. The remaining folks - mostly young ladies and lads - would like those bigger windows, though. I bet they have yet to have enough of flying in them and need windows as big as their eyes!We also offered a bit more esoteric question, too. When given the option to choose between no more advertising of duty free and no more carry on limitations, three-fourths chose the latter. However, many young men (and others) actually hatred of duty-free ads that overwhelmed their desire to not care about their bags. Now, there was a question that really divided our audience. We made them choose between having the newest blockbusters be available on flight or having free (airline) food. Turns out, hunger beats out boredom, but not by a wide margin. 58% - mostly young people - would prefer free food while 42% would like to see the newest, hottest movies instead. Who would have thought!

We all know that travel would be a lot less boring if you had constant access to the internet. That’s why we asked whether people would like to have free Wi-Fi in the air, or would they like to be able to make calls instead. There was barely any competition in this one: 88% of folks of all ages and sexes would like to have some of that sweet, sweet mile-high Wi-Fi. Apparently, only about one in ten flyers - mostly older ones - would like to be able to chat with people via regular old phones. In a less frivolous question, we inquired whether an airlines efforts to reduce climate change and reduce air pollution were important to our readers. Nearly two-fifths said that yes, they care whether the airline is working towards not turning Earth into a fireball or not. Unsurprisingly, it was more popular among the younger parts of our audience!

Moving to other pressing humanitarian question, we asked the people whether they would agree to pay more to fly with well-paid, well-rested pilot - or would they like to save money at the cost of flying with a less experienced one. 77% of flyers - mostly Eastern Europeans - said that they would pay more to support good work conditions of pilots. Curiously, the Western Europeans were dominants among the 23% who don’t care about the pilots and crews. So much for the ideals of the enlightened West changing the lives of air crews!

So, if the perfect airline to rival Santa Air was to be built according to the answers of the people polled, it would have to look like this: comfortable seats, unlimited carry on, free food and wi-fi, and a well-compensated crew. Said airline would have to be conscious of the environment, too.

However, we don’t really have a perfect airline. And the imperfect ones still saddle flyers with flight delays, cancellations and overbooking. If you experience something like that, don’t be afraid. With Skycop, you can claim flight compensation in a fast and easy way. With compensations of up to €600, you might even afford airline food!