Flying and glamour have always gone hand in hand. Airline companies would usually go all out in designing their cabin crew uniforms.  They have to be very fashionable and yet, functional especially during emergency situations. Here you can see top ten of the most stylish cabin crew uniforms in 2014.

10. VIRGIN Australia ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? virgin-australia-stewardess-uniform-2 (1)

9. Aeroflot aeroflot-uniform aeroflot-uniform-2

8. China Eastern Airlines (CIAH) (CEA) 22103478971 china-eastern-airlines-uniform

7. Emirates  emirates-3 emirates-3

6. VIRGIN Atlantic virgin-atlantic-2 virgin-atlantic-uniform

5. Air France air-france-stewardess air-france-uniform

4. Qantas qantas-1 uniform-600x900

3. Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) singapore-airlines-uniform singapore_airlines_hostesses

2. Korean Air korean-air-hostess-in-airport_1 koreanairlines

1. VIRGIN America virgin-america virgin-america-uniform