Take A Look At Singapore Airlines' Brand New Hotel Rooms In The Sky

Most recently, Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) showed the world the new hotel rooms for its Airbus A380. The airline is already known for its luxurious suites and service. But the best seats aboard the biggest passenger jet in the world just got even better.

The jet has seats for 471 passengers in total. Besides the six suites, there will be 78 seats in the business class on the upper deck together with 44 premium economy class. The main deck will have 343 seats in the economy class.

The overall cabin of the Airbus A380 got an upgrade, but the attention fell on the new first class. There are now six suites instead of the old twelve. They now each have a bed with its back pushed to the window, which makes it more of a hotel room than a flying space.

The overall upgrade is the attempt to lure the wealthy travelers to fly with Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) . Many carriers have premium cabins designed for travelers, that are flying frequently for business purposes. However, there are some like Etihad, that even have three-room suites.

The updated suites took four years to make, but are surely worth the wait. Passengers will be able to fly in A380 with the new interior starting next month, from Singapore to Sydney.

Take a look at what one of the best suites in the world looks like:

The six exclusive first-class suites will be like hotel rooms in the air. They will feature pillows, cotton bedsheets and even the choice of whether to have single beds or doubles, as they can be joined. The guests will have all the amenities like slippers, eyeshades and even socks.

Private Suites Private Hotel Suites  

Any of the personal items like jewelry, watches or makeup can be stored in luxurious boxes near the bed, so your sleep would be even more comfortable.

Luxurious Boxes Luxurious Boxes  

Even in first-class suites, you will have to be seated during takeoff and landing, therefore each suite will have leather chairs. And if you are easily bored, there will be a 32-inch HD TV for your entertainment.

First Class  

Unsurprisingly, the first class will have two lavatories for the six suites. And they are as modern as you would imagine.

Lavatory Lavatory The rooms are also equipped with Mood lighting. Whether you are reading, working or relaxing in front of the new entertainment system, you will find just the correct options to not cause any additional stress to your eyes. Mood Lighting Mood Lighting

Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) have celebrity chefs for the first class menus and the choice list is pretty wide.

The Food of First Class The Food of First Class If you are still unsure if it is worth to purchase a First Class ticket, check this review. It showcases the whole experience of flying First Class and why it should be on every traveler's bucket list. https://youtu.be/_O2_nTt1N6w

If the first class is a bit too much for your wallet, you can choose one of the 78 seats in the business class. It will feature seats that recline fully and the pod-style spaces, that will give the passengers plenty of privacy during the long flights.

Business Class Business Class Business Class Business Class

For some of us, who might want something a bit more luxurious than the simple economy class, but cannot afford the business one  – there is something called premium economy. Of course, you do not get the fully reclining seat, but some of the business class perks are yours to take. For example, you get more legroom and noise-canceling headphones, which might be the main things for a more comfortable flight.

Premium Economy Class Premium Economy Class  

For the ones of us, that think of flying only as a way to reach a destination rather than to experience luxurious interior and service – there is always economy class.