Fancy A Flight On A Fancy Emirates Aircraft?

We all have heard of the ultra-luxurious hotel rooms in the sky courtesy of Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) , but it seems like Emirates have taken it to the next level and revealed a Boeing 777 covered with shiny crystals – from top to bottom the aircraft looks like a flying gemstone. Dubbed “Bling 777”, as it indeed does bling. A lot. Nevertheless, it looks incredible and we cannot wait to see it soaring the skies. More importantly, we look forward for the crystal plane to shine its way through the world.

Already one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, Emirates had to take it to the next level to compete with other luxury airlines. Alternatively, Emirates was thinking of bringing back Concorde, as passenger numbers have been steadily rising (and that was one of the reasons why Concorde was retired), but ultimately decided against it, as the environmental impact would be huge.

The Bling 777, Created by Sara Shakeel The Bling 777, Created by Sara Shakeel

All jokes aside, an artist from Pakistan called Sara Shakeel created this spectacular image. Previously a dentist, Sara now produces stunning images full of crystals. From aircraft, cities and such ordinary things as burgers and fries, the artist transforms everyday sights into something memorable. You can check out her Instagram profile here.

Emirates shared this image on their social media. Many people wished this was real and asked if they can fly on it. Facebook and Twitter users were asking on what routes this aircraft would appear. And who would not want to fly on an aircraft covered in jewelry? We definitely would love to board the magnificent Bling 777!

On the bright side, due to the fact that the United Arab Emirates based airline liked it so much that they not only reposted it but also upgraded Sara’s flight ticket from Pakistan to Milan.