The New Futuristic Windowless Plane Is Here

The new Emirate Airline‘s 777-300ER will feature windowless first-class suites. And yet the passengers will be able to see the windows, that will not actually be there.

The idea is to have the passengers see the outside of the plane through the virtual window-like screens instead of the real glass ones. Their appearance will resemble real windows due to their size and shape. However,they will be video screens that will provide real time images from outside, provided by fiber-optic cameras.

According to the president of Emirates Sir Tim Clark, this could be one of the first steps towards the futuristic absolutely windowless aircraft. After removing the windows from anywhere in the aircraft, designers could develop the type of aircraft that will be lighter and will have better structural integrity, in this way improving the fuel efficiency.

According to the safety regulators, there are no problems with windowless aircraft. However, some doubts have been emerging. Some critics say that the screens instead of windows might interfere with the cabin crew‘s work during emergency situations as the flight attendants have to be able to see what is happening outside of the aircraft in unimpeded real-time.

Also, there are also passengers that might not be willing to fly with such planes due to fear or claustrophobic tendencies. Or the real view might be too boring for the travelers taste. Of course, the airlines could always put more scenic views instead of the real ones.

Windowless Design Windowless Design  

In 2014, a couple of design firms came up with ideas to put high-resolution screens inside cabins, making an almost 360-degree view of the outside. So, although the idea of the windowless or at least partly windowless aircraft is not exactly that new, Emirates Airlines are the ones to actually implement it in real life.