Woman Gets Sucked Out Of A Plane During Southwest Flight

For the first time in 51 year history of Southwest Airlines (LUV) the person was killed during the flight. And the incident is more than unusual. The part of the engine fell off damaging one of the windows. The woman sitting next to it was partially sucked out through it and killed.

The fatal Boeing B737 was flying from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Dallas. During the incident, the aircraft was over Philadephia where the pilot executed an emergency landing. It was only 20 minutes after the takeoff. There were nearly 150 people on the plane including 5 crew members.

A loud explosion was heard then the passengers saw a piece of fuselage flying over and hitting the window which crashed. One of the passengers remembers "The plane dropped immediately,", she also ads that there was a smell of smoke and they were surrounded by ashes.

During this kind of a chaos, oxygen masks dropped down and passengers were trying to act according to the instructions. However, for one woman an accident was fatal. She got partially sucked out of the broken window. "You hear the pop and she was sucked out from the waist up," says one of the witnesses and later adds "There was blood on the windows...her arms were actually out of the airplane and her head was out of the airplane."

Passengers also recall a couple of other men pulling the woman inside the aircraft. In seconds they started performing a CPR on the victim who was lying on the ground covered in her blood. However, that did not help much.

After landing woman was confirmed dead. Later she was identified by her family as Jennifer Riordan from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Riordan was a mother of two and a very respected leader in her community. She worked for Wells Fargo as a community relations leader.

Women Gets Sucked Out Of A Plane During Southwest Flight Jennifer Riordan

During Southwest flight, 7 more passengers were injured. Reportedly, none of them experienced severe injuries.