Biggest Cargo Airports in the World

In the humankind the first invented plane had an ability to lift a person only a few feet in the air. Nowadays it is the fastest transport and the main option how cargo is transported from one place to another. Despite of huge ships, planes still are the best way to transport something big where large distances matters. presents you a few biggest cargo airports in the world.

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

The International Incheon Airport exists more than 12 years and has 35 000 employees. The airport served 2 465 724 cargo tones alone in only 2012. An area of the cargo terminal have more than 234 644 square meter. 1

Hong Kong International Airport, China

By size China‘s third airport is actually the busiest cargo airport in the world. It is also one of the busiest airports in the world according to international passenger traffic. Hong Kong International airport transported more than 4 620 261 tonnes cargo. It also includes delivery of different mails and served about 56 500 000 passengers. It occupies 1 255 hectares area and has two runways (3 800 metres each). This airport can serve about 64 flights during rush hour and it is expected that Hong Kong airport will serve 8 900 000 tonnes cargo in 2030. Despite of a large amount of employees here (65 000), there is a possibility that in a few years they will decide to build the third runway. 2

Anchorage International Airport, USA

The International Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport started to work in 1951. Until now, airport served about 2 449 551 tonnes cargo. An area of the airport is about 1 866 hectares. There are three runways, while the longest with 3 780 meters considers to be the biggest. 3

Memphis International Airport, USA

It was the busiest cargo airport in the world for 7 straight years until 2010. One of largest cargo airports serves about 10 000 tonnes less than Hong Kong International Airport. The size of this airport depends on „FedEx Express“ company, which helped to load about 4 016 126 cargo tonnes. The name of International Memphis airport arised in 1969, meanwhile the airport started to work in 1927. International package company (UPS) is established in this airport. 4

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China

Shanghai Pudong International Airport already served 2 939 157 tonnes of cargo. It is the third busiest cargo airport in the word. It also hosts the biggest Express hub in Asia which is operated by DHL and UPS. Both companies accounts the biggest amounts of cargo which is usually processed in the airport. Managers are already planing to expand the airport by building to additional runways. 5