Many aviators remember tragic story about Alaska C-17 crash. It is one very rare  and horrifying story with unexpected end in the aviation world.  The 2010 Alaska C-17 crash occurred on Wednesday, 28 July 2010, when a United States Air Force military transport plane crashed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. The cause of the only fatal crash of a Boeing C-17 is pilot error. That is according to both the accident investigation reporand a newly-released, US Air Force video showing the entirety of the roughly 60-second flight on 28 July at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.   The non-identified pilot first ignored stall warnings after banking right “aggressively” within 60sec of takeoff, then responded incorrectly, according to an executive summary of the accident investigation board report. The co-pilot and safety observer on the flight deck also ignored multiple warnings.